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About The "Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu" National College

Our school is a state institution, in Buzau, a town in the South-East of Romania, at about 100km from its capital, Bucuresti. We are a theoretical high school/college with students ranging between grades 9 and 12, but we also have a small number of secondary school classes. We have a number of approximatively 1500 students ranging between 11 and 19 years old, and around 80 teachers. National College "B. P. Hasdeu" is an ASP Net School (UNESCO associated School), and in 2006 we will celebrate 140 years of existence. One of our graduates is a Nobel Prise for Biology Winner and many others are now academicians or University Professors. Many of our Students are prized in International Olympics in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Social Sciences.

The departments of studies in our high school are: Maths and Computers, Science, Humanistic studies (Foreign languages and the Romanian literature studies) and Social Studies. We have also bilingual classes. Foreign languages studied in school are: English, French, German and Italian.

The plans and curricula pursue the accomplishment of students' proficiency and the integration of the school actions into a higher level, even internationally.

There is a special motivation from the part of students and parents, our high school being asked by the best students in our region.

This fact happens because of a 139 year-old tradition, during which its graduates have become famous in various domains, both at a national and at an international level. At present, numerous graduates of our high school are students in famous universities in the USA, Germany and Japan and we are among the first five high schools in the country.

We are now developing many national and international projects and partnerships.

Extracurricular activities

"Science and art, truth and fantasy, talent and work, long and pleasant effort done by students and teachers together are blended in the multitude of perfumes and senses of a school of the highest of ranks."

Here are the school's extracurricular activities:

  • Literary circle-"Ad Astra"
  • Cultural and philosophical debates workshop "Ion Caraion"
  • The sports association "B.P.Hasdeu"
  • Projects and partnerships with national and international institutions
  • Touristic society-"Nitraria"
  • Radio Hasdeu
  • Theatre society in the Romanian language
  • Theatre society in the French language
  • A.S.O.M.A.P.- association of marketing polls and publicity
  • School Magazines
  • The "Hasdeu-Save the People" association(A.H.A.S.O.)
  • School festivals: Freshmen's Ball, Prom Ball, Majors' Ball-celebrating the 18-year-olds
  • Cultural exchanges with high schools in our country and abroad C.I.I.E.- the centre for European information and integration

The Ten Commandments of a Student in The "Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu" College

  1. Be proud that you are a student of this school!
  2. Be yourself, trust yourself, be responsible in all that you are doing!
  3. Learn! Do not forget that you are learning only for your success!
  4. Respect the others in order to be respected yourself; learn to be kind, polite and tolerant in every situation!
  5. Do not forget that you are precious as a person, you have the right to a good school life that you can build yourself!
  6. Learn to have a measure in everything!Prove what you are by your deep thinking, not by exaggerated extravagances!
  7. Be a man of the modern times, but respect the eternal values of Humanity:the Good, the Beautiful, Truth, Law, Liberty, Perseverence,Democracy…
  8. Consider your teacher friend and partner in all that means your success!
  9. Be involved in the life of your school! Take attitude permanently, express your opinions, proposals and protests in a civilized manner;make your initiatives come true. Only by having a dialogue with everybody can you fiind better solutions to fulfill your dreams and responsibilities!
  10. Cultivate all that is positive in yourself ! Learn that science and culture are meaningless if they are not reflected in conscience and behaviour!

Student in "B.P. Hasdeu" National College

As an old quote says: "Life is the sea where we all flow like some rivers whose water was pumped out from the School's fountain".

The days in our high school look as they are the same but in essence they are extremely different. Every day hides its own emotion: the emotion of banal test paper or just the emotion of a simple school day. We wish the time passes very fast and this happens. The regrets will come later when the moments will be gone with the wind and all that will be left behind are memories. But maybe, in the end, this is how life is and the only thing we can do is to play by its rules.

In our high school we study in two shifts. The first shift is formed by the students from the terminal forms, the 11 and 12 graders (in Romania the secondary education is formed by 12 classes) and studies in the morning, from 7:20 to 13:35 The second shift studies in the afternoon, from 13:35 to 20:00.

School is the second home for its students. Here, all our sensations are strewn: curiosity, fear, pride, failure, emotion, the meeting with the unknown. But, over all this is the spirit of being student at Hasdeu. For us, the fact that we are studying in one of the most popular high schools from Romania is a challenge renewed everyday, a challenge which must be kept with work and involvement. We all have our own opinions and feelings about "B.P. Hasdeu" National College, no matter if we look at it from the boarding school, from the park, from the teacher's room, from the classrooms or even from the outside.

For some people Hasdeu is a famous institution, for others a legend, for others a tradition, but for the proper community of Hasdeu, teachers or students, our high school is all that and something more: A WAY OF LIVING!

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